Care for yourself and people around you?

Imagine if everyone could find and do things that make our life more worthy! Never miss something just because we didn't have enough information about it. Come, be a part!

Start with the ones nearest to you.

Share your knowledge of events and activities in your place. Something that is well known to you may not be so for others. Light up someone's day with a little effort from your side.

It is not just about dance performances and music concerts.

Sharing a vocational training program schedule, a weekly cultural program, or just that regular yoga class timings, anything that has a date, time and place attached to it, qualifies.

You can also start posting a routine event. Routine events are activities that repeat at a regular interval for the foreseeable future. Say, timings of a nearby park or worship place.

Adding or editing does not require any new skills.

It is just like filling out a friendly form. Add a new schedule or edit incorrect facts or incomplete description in a post.

Have fun!

Make it a fun thing sharing activities. You have grown above sharing mindless social media forwards and cat videos. Your effort to put facts together is your valuable contribution.