This page will guide you on common tasks and general usage.

# Who is an Editor on EventSlate?

Editors are those who share information about activities and events around them. They also correct any errors found in existing posts or provide additional information.

# Can I be an editor?

Becoming an editor doesn't require any specific qualifications other than what you already possess. However, to create program schedules, you need to focus on the following things.
  • Factual accuracy - Accurate date and time, venue, activity description, entry/participation criteria etc. If you don't have the complete information, you can save the post as a draft, and complete the details later and publish.
  • Descriptiveness - Be as descriptive as possible. Something which might seem obvious to you may not be so for another person. You can always edit and improve. The best part is that you can also let others participate in the process.

# How do I find the events I am looking for?

From the search box on the home page, type the location of the event. As you type in the search box, the best matching results will appear in two places.
  • Search results right below the search box. You may click on the event link to view that event.
  • Alternatively, the results aggregated category wise will appear on the left panel of the page. You may click on the category wise link to get the results belonging to that category. As you click on the category wise link, the events in that category aggregated subcategory wise will appear below. You may click on that to get a subcategory aggregate of results.

# Why couldn't I find the event I am looking for?

If you have seen that event post before, either it is expired, or that the event owner has disabled it for some reason. Otherwise, it is not shared by anybody yet. If you have some specific information about that event, do share it now.

# What is action button?

The action button is that little square shaped drop-down box which you can find on every event post on its top right portion. When clicked, it will show you the list of relevant actions in a drop-down menu for that event post.

# Report an event

You may use the action button for reporting an event if you find
  • No such event or activity exists or the matter is just gibberish.
  • Duplicate of event or activity already posted.
  • Abusive content or language used in the post.
  • The post is spammy and not about any event or activity in particular.

If you are an organiser of an event and if somebody had already posted that event, you may request ownership if that is required. Even without ownership you can always edit and improve the quality of that post.

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