Kannambra Vela Sree Kurumba Temple
Sree Kurumba Kavu, Challiparambu - Thenidukku Road, Kannambra-I, Palakkad, Kerala, India

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Schedule and Timing:

The Kannambra Rishinarada Mangalam Vela is celebrated on the 41st day from Vishu. Kummatti Fest on the 40th day.


The Kannambra Vela is celebrating by the two Desoms, Kannmbra and Rishi Narada Mangalam Desom also called the R Mangalam Desom. It is one of the prominent festivals of the region. Celebrated just before the onset of monsoon, it marks the end of the summer temple festivals of the Thrissur-Palakkad region.

Right from the day of Vishu, Kummatti play starts at various parts and it culminates in the Kummatti vela on the 40th day from Vishu. Valum Chilambum Ezhunnelluthu which is a procession from the Sree Kurumba temple to the R Mangalam Mannam. 

Later both the desoms reach the temple as procession accompanied by seven elephants and Panchavadyam. Kannambra Vela is also famous for its elaborate fireworks.

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