Manapullikavu Vela
Manapully Kavu, Palakkad, Kerala, India

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Schedule and Timing:

The Manapulli kavu vela is usually held in the end of February or the beginning of March. The festival lasts one week from the Kodiyettu day, the final day being the main festival day.


Manapullikkavu Vela is one of the most important temple festivals of Palakkad. A week-long festivities and rituals is held in honouring the Manapully Bhagavathy, the presiding deity at the Manapully kavu in Yakkara village. 

As much as eight Velas from nearby Desams come together and join the Manapullikkavu Vela. The Vela Ezhunnullethu is held in front of the Palakkad Kotta (Fort) Maidan with 15 caparisoned elephants. This is accompanied by Panchavadyam.

A cultural procession and Vela Sangamam is held in the evening with floats, folk arts, Kathir Kudakal and Veshangal (People in costumes).

Cultural events are held in the evenings from the Kodiyettu day. 

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Photo Courtesy: Sabarish Iyer

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