Mangottukavu Vela Mangottu Bhagavathy Temple, Athipotta
Mangottukavu Bhagavathy Temple, Athipotta, Palakad district, Kerala, India

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Schedule and Timing:

Kodiyettam on the first Sunday after Vishu. Mangottukavu Vela is on the second Sunday after Vishu.


Mangottukavu Vela is celebrated at Mangottu Bhagavathy temple, Athipotta near Alathur.

The Monday following the flag hoisting day, a dance festival named  Kari-kali is celebrated. In this dance festival, Mannadiar and Nair communities visit the Hindu houses in the area, sing praises to the deity and dance.

Tuesday Chamans-kali is held. For this also, the Mannadiar and Nair communities visit all the houses and sing Devi Praises.

Wednesday Kummatti Festival is held. Chakyar Koothu and Pavakoothu or the Puppetry are also held during the festival season.

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